Cuban Link Chain - Platinium Plated 8.6 MM Solid .925 Sterling Silver Miami Cuban Twisted Link Chain For Men - Chain With Secure LinxLock Classic Design Made in Italy by Sterling Manufacturers

Sterling Manufacturers

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Impeccable Craftsmanship and Design


Solid 925 Sterling Silver Made in Italy

This is an Italian Made Silver Heavy Curb Link (Cuban) chain. The Quality is Excellent with a very nice smooth well-polished finish and comes with secure linxlock.

  • Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver
  • Craft type: Jewellery making
  • Primary colour: Silver
  • Material: Silver
  • Style: Curb
  • Excellent Finish
  • Each Link was Soldered
  • Make Bracelet or Necklace
  • For Men
  • Polished
  • Made in ITALY.
  • Handmade item


Cuban link necklaces as a component of hip-hop fashion


Elegant design to wear

You have seen these designs on many hip hop stars, athletes, and other celebrities. Hip-pop celebrities played a pivotal role in making Cuban link chains popular. Usually, this type of necklace is looking great combined with a matching pendant. Miami cuban link mens chains are very durable and normally, lasts a lifetime. We Sterling manufacturers are proud to offer the largest online collection of the necklaces. All the jewelry is secured with the safest Elegant Metallic Silver Jewelry Gift Pouch. Our highly polished smooth finish, that gives a necklace brilliant luster, will amaze you!


Unique interlock pattern


classic men's Miami Cuban Link is handcrafted in sterling silver

Miami cuban link chains are thicker than the average variety. They have a unique interlocking pattern that makes even the thinner links look more substantial when they are connected together to form a chain.

Sterling silver is more durable than pure silver. sterling silver items are plated with a thin layer of pure silver to improve the shine of the piece.

We Sterling manufacturers specialize in contemporary fine jewelry.


A Gift He Will Never Forget!

Jewelry Care
As with all sterling silver, never use anything but a clean 100% cotton or a special sterling silver cleaning cloth. Paper, polyester, and coarse fabrics often contain wood fibers or synthetics that can cause tiny scratches in the surface of your fine sterling silver jewelry. Remember, silver is a very soft metal and you can scratch it if you aren't careful so don't rub it too briskly. Silver should not come into contact with harsh household chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, or chlorine. To avoid silver from tarnishing, store silver jewelry in a velvet lined jewelry box or pouch, as it is prone to tarnish as it naturally reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the air.CARING FOR RHODIUM PLATED (PLATINUM PLATED) SILVER As with all plated items, it is extremely important to keep them away from any kind of chemical. Do not clean in them in the dishwasher or use ultrasonic cleaners that utilize chemicals. Never use toothpaste and never brush with a toothbrush. Do not use polishing cloths that are intended for use on uncoated silver or for gold jewelry, and ensure pieces are not in regular contact with hard surfaces. Avoid contact with perfume, hairspray, body lotion, body wash, soap, and household cleaning products. Clean plated silver with warm water and a mild liquid soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft polishing cloth immediately to avoid mineral residue from the water. Do not swim in the ocean with plated jewelry. Plating may wear off over time. Re-plating jewelry does not take long, and most professional jewelers offer this service. Keep plated jewelry in a velvet-lined jewelry box, or wrap it in a soft material that will prevent scratches.

  • PLATINUM PLATED WITH FINE LAYER OF RHODIUM: Sterling Silver is the brightest of all the precious metals. It reflects a mirror shine that produces a sparkling effect. Chain is Platinum plated with a fine layer of Rhodium to give it a Platinum/White Gold finished look that also provides strength, durability, endless sparkle and luminous shine. Rhodium plating protects the Silver and does not tarnish easily
  • SAFE FOR YOUR SKIN: Miami cuban link men’s chain free from the metals which harmsyour skin. Metals like copper nickel or lead which can irritate or turn your skingreen. When you wears a sterling silver miami cuban twisted link chain no need to worry about your skin.
  • GIFT FOR HIM: This elegant cuban link chain is the best gift for him, husband, boyfriend, brother, and father or dad. Precious surprise on Christmas day, Father's day, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation, Valentine's day, Bachelor Party and Corporate Event. Available in all size and wholesale to the public at the unbeatable price. Silver mens twisted link chains are prefect because they can be worn every day, acting as a constant reminder of your love and appreciation.
  • MADE IN ITALY: This solid sterling silver chain necklace open link style 8.68mm Cuban curb chain necklace for men is made in Italy. Sizes Available: 18", 20", 22", 24", 28", 30", 32", 34"
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Sterling manufacturers is committed to customer satisfaction. We specialize in contemporary fine jewelry. Whatever item we sell, we want our customers to be happy with the quality of the item along with the excellent price. Check out our entire extensive collection!

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